EIT Health

Providing Europe with new opportunities

EIT Health is an European research consortium including leading businesses, research centres and universities across 14 EU countries. The core is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources.

The Scandinavian node of EIT Health contains several universities, research companies and public bodies where Karolinska Institutet is one of the partner universities. Starting from 2016 Karolinska Institutet has collaborated with Openlab in organizing several workshops to transfer and share knowledge about challenge-driven education and innovation with a focus on Design Thinking.

Healthy@Home was the first event of the Design Thinking Competition that took place at Openlab in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet and Roche. Participating teams got a challenge developed by RISE; working with transformation of healthcare using digital solutions and patient empowerment. During the three day event students and young professionals, especially within health, medical industry and digitalisation gained knowledge of the Design Thinking method and the problems facing health industry in a fun and active way.

Events 2017

  • Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Lodz 22 – 23 Mars 2017

Events 2016

  • Healthy@Home Stockholm 22 – 23 April 2016
  • Lisbon Healthy Living Week 7 – 8 October 2016
  • Medical Valley Erlangen-Nürnberg 10 – 11 November 2016

All of these events have already taken place.

Matlaboratoriet podcast

Matlaboratoriet (the Food Lab) is a podcast about food and societal challenges. It’s created for everyone who wants to know more about the latest research about food and how societal challenges will affect our eating habits.

In each episode we meet experts, researchers and innovators who all somehow work with food to discuss one societal challenge connected to the way we eat.

Matlaboratoriet is a podcast by Openlab, produced by Soundtelling. Listeners can contribute with ideas at For more information contact Per Styregård, host and Food Workshop Manager at Openlab.


Develop Your City

Think solutions!

Develop Your City collects ideas and suggestions from the community in order to find the smartest ways to solve different societal challenges. It is created as a tool to embrace the creativity and innovation among people in our societies and invite you as an organisation or municipality to listen to the ideas of your users or citizens in an open and transparent way.

The platform is solution-oriented, where ideas and innovation are at the center. It is based on open innovation and the thought that cooperation and co-creation are important ingredients for creating truly sustainable solutions. You can like, share and comment ideas, but also build on them by suggesting improvements and new features. The ideas on the platform can be realized by the challenge giver, or be inspiration for initiatives by other users on the platform wanting to solve the same problem.

Openlab often uses at our own workshops and assignments. The platform can be useful in Design Thinking processes which we often use for our innovation processes. Develop Your City is particularly well suited for the ideation and testing phases, when you want to visualize and test to get feedback on the ideas and prototypes from others. It is also a tool for documenting the process and enabling more people to interact with the challenge or ideas, during and after the workshop. Through timelines and prototyping phases, the entire process can be visualized, from the earliest ideas to the final implementation.

Examples of challenges at are about the renovation of a park, waste transportation in car-free cities, reducing household food waste, or the management of employees’ ideas within the municipality.

Anyone can join!

To register, add ideas and challenges is free and easy, all you need is a user name and an email address. For larger projects or more complex challenges, Openlab offers process support where we help you to define the challenge, who to involve in the ideation and how to take the ideas further. Develop Your City can also be customized to suit the needs of your organization or company. Feel free to contact us to discuss how the platform can create added value for you.

Openfarm in Dome of Visions

Skärmavbild 2015-10-09 kl. 15.13.49

About Openfarm – Urban gardening for a sustainable society

Openfarm is an Openlab collaboration with the Dome of Visions, focusing on promoting knowledge and inspiration for sustainable urban gardening and its place in a more resilient urban food system. Openfarm isn’t just about urban gardening, but also food production on a global level, where the urban environment plays an important role for a future where we eat what we grow and grow what we eat. Questions like when, what and how we grow our food are central, as well as how these issues affect the health and resilience of our society in different ways.

The project includes a series of workshops, seminars and hack-a-thons to promote discussion and innovation across disciplines by bringing together Openlab partners and a number of public and private organizations and experts. These events aim to increase awareness and knowledge of how urban gardening affects our local and global environment. We will also explore how new technology and innovative solutions can make urban farming a part of everyday life for the average citizen, contributing to a healthier and more socially connected food system both locally and globally.

Openfarm also includes a year-round urban gardening experiment in the Dome of Visions, where Openlab will grow a “kitchen garden” that is typical for the Nordic region. Food grown here will be used for workshops and events planned within the Openfarm project, in collaboration with Open Café and other partners. The gardening space inside the dome is similar to the environment of a non-heated, glass-covered balcony in Stockholm. Here, visitors to the “Openfarm garden” can get inspired to try urban gardening themselves in the spaces they have access to at home, and not just during the summer months.The workshops and events are open to the public and invitations are posted on Openfarm urban garden is also open to the public and can be visited during Dome of Visions opening hours, Monday – Sunday 10am – 6pm.

Follow Openfarm’s activities on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook

@openlabsthlm #openfarmsthlm

Science Dinner

Science Dinner is a series of dinners where you as a participant learn about everyday cooking techniques and the latest research in relation to food and taste. The objective is to raise the general level of knowledge about food and science, and to help people getting a more sustainable and healthy relation to food and eating. Check for more information.

Science Dinner is an Openlab project created together with Open Café/Lux Restaurants, in collaboration with researchers specialised in food and meal related areas.


Digital Demo Stockholm


Successful digital solutions emerge in the meeting between users’ needs, the possibilities of technology and organisational and financial goals. Digital Demo Stockholm (DDS) is a long-term triple-helix partnership for tackling societal challenges using digital technology and offer challenge givers from the public sector a unique network to companies and researchers interested in exploring and adapting digital technology.

Openlab supports DDS as a living lab for the smart city, with the goal of making Stockholm the world’s smartest city in 2040. At Openlab we are continuously developing our offer to meet the needs identified in the project, for instance by providing a 5G hotspot, bookable space for testing and demonstrating technical solutions, training partners and stakeholders in design thinking and leading creative and collaborative workshops.

Caring for elders at home is a growing need and a great possibility for advancing the healthcare and wellbeing of senior citizens using digital technology.

The 3 forces of triple helix

  • The public partners identify challenges and define criteria for usability and economic viability of technological solutions.
  • Industry partners offer expertise in technological viability and product development.
  • Academic partners offer neutral research expertise in subject matters, simulation and evaluation of solutions.


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