Autumn Term 2013

Autumn Term 2013

In addition to ongoing activities and those described below, other activities may be included.

The City of Stockholm Äldreförvaltningen (Elderly Services Administration) and Miljöförvaltningen (Environmental Administration), and the Stockholm County Council Healthcare Administration provided challenges for students enrolled in the autumn course to work on.

Äldreförvaltningen provided the following challenge:

  • How can we find solutions so that elderly individuals who want to remain in their own home, or in an apartment in the municipal public housing system, can do so for as long as possible.

Stockholm County Council’s Healthcare Administration provided the following challenge:

  • Creating consistent care for individuals who need services from both the County Healthcare Administration and from the municipality.

The City of Stockholm presented this challenge from Miljöförvaltningen (Environmental Administration):

  • How can we find more efficient solutions for transporting people, goods and services in order to reduce the number of vehicles on city streets?

During the autumn term the students are working in different project groups to produce concrete proposals for solutions to the challenges described above. The students are employing the Design Thinking method in their assignments.

The OpenLab course provides 15 credits and is a half-speed course. The course will conclude with a project presentation and display of the students’ results, where the clients will be invited to participate and provide input and feedback.

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