Autumn Term 2014

Autumn Term 2014

Kista library, Kulturförvaltningen (Cultural Administration), City of Stockholm

  • Based on its mission to be an open space for knowledge, creativity and inspiration, how can the Kista library make better use of the complexity of language, culture, experience and knowledge that exists in the area to promote more engagement and participation? In other words, how can we benefit from local talent and expertise?
  • What might the relationships between Kista residents, local IT companies and the library be like in the future and how can they be used? A new arena and a new assignment, focusing more on access to information and education in digital technologies than on traditional library work.

Stockholm Business Region Development AB, Stadsledningskontoret (City Management Office), City of Stockholm.

  • The challenge presented to OpenLab involves helping the City of Stockholm to find different solutions, models, tools etc. to make Farsta more attractive as a location for businesses in order to increase the number of workplaces in South Stockholm, reduce unemployment and create attractive city districts with a diverse range of functions.

Human Resources Department, Stockholm County Council

  • As an employer, how can Stockholm County Council maintain an appropriate level of personnel mobility, both in general (into and out of the County Council) and between public healthcare segments, for the professional categories: nurses, assistant nurses, midwives and doctors?

Proposals for issues/activities that may need to be addressed in order to meet the challenge:

  • What can and should be regarded as appropriate personnel mobility for each of the professional groups and levels (general personnel mobility into and out from the County Council, and between healthcare segments within the County Council)?
  • What is the basis for the current personnel mobility policy?
  • Gap analysis of appropriate (desired) personnel mobility and current personnel mobility for each professional group and level.
  • Implement solutions to move the current level to the desired level.

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