Helping Hearts

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This report is an overview of how our team used the  Openlab Design Thinking Process to propose a final concept called “Helping Hearts“, created to address the challenge of “How can we  improve  services  for  individuals  who  receive follow  up  care at the outpatient  cardiology unit, Hjärtmottagningen, of Södersjukhuset?“. The concept is a personalized interview and a process that focuses on the patient’s narrative. Professional caregivers will get to know the patient as a person and not just a case. This person along with his/her significant others will be included as active agents in the chain of care and treatment in the unit as well as at home. These concepts are key in providing Person Centered Care

(PCC), which Hjärtmottagningen  would like to include in their care delivery. This solution provides a change from the traditional roles and expectations in healthcare of caregivers being active and patients being passive, towards a partnership between the two which involves and engages both parties.

The report also describes the different phases in the Design Thinking method and the work that has been carried out by the team in each phase and when working with the final concept.