Person Centered Care

This report details the process and results of our project, Implementing person-centred  care.

In  September  2016,  we  were  presented  a  challenge  by the Cardiology Division of Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. They asked us to find ways of improving care for individuals who receive follow-up care at the division. More specifically, they asked us to develop person-centred care strategies to ensure

patients  are  more  involved in  their  treatment  process, and that services  suit indiviudal needs and expectations. This report outlines our process using Design Thinking tools to find creative and user-oriented solutions. Our final concept is the Patient Journal (Patient Dagbok), a mechanism for patients to diarise their personal   condition   and   care   plan,  and   keep   a   record   of   medication, appointments, treatment plan etc. The purpose of this is to encourage patients to take ownership of their condition and care-giving, and thereby strengthening person-centred care processes in the Cardiology Division.