Make is a “do-it-yourself space” for those of you who need equipment and a space in which to make simple prototypes for projects you are passionate about. Make offers a workshop, flexible work spaces and opportunities to book studios for prototypes that need a lot of space.

Make has tools and materials available to turn ideas into physical form (computer-modelled or hand-made), or to create simple electronics or textiles. Many types of materials are available for purchase at cost price.

Make is for people who want to work on projects that relate to the challenges in society that OpenLab is focusing on.

Make offers courses in electronics, 3D printing, prototype technology and much more.

Studios: 2 studios, 32 sq m and 21 sq m. The studios are places to work on projects within the framework of OpenLab’s main mission. MAKE members are welcome to apply to use a studio for a period of time.

Flexible workspace: We also offer a flexible workspace that gives you access to desk space, electricity and the internet. A few steps from your workspace you will find a well-equipped workshop where you can quickly test your ideas.