Openfarm in Dome of Visions

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About Openfarm – Urban gardening for a sustainable society

Openfarm is an Openlab collaboration with the Dome of Visions, focusing on promoting knowledge and inspiration for sustainable urban gardening and its place in a more resilient urban food system. Openfarm isn’t just about urban gardening, but also food production on a global level, where the urban environment plays an important role for a future where we eat what we grow and grow what we eat. Questions like when, what and how we grow our food are central, as well as how these issues affect the health and resilience of our society in different ways.

The project includes a series of workshops, seminars and hack-a-thons to promote discussion and innovation across disciplines by bringing together Openlab partners and a number of public and private organizations and experts. These events aim to increase awareness and knowledge of how urban gardening affects our local and global environment. We will also explore how new technology and innovative solutions can make urban farming a part of everyday life for the average citizen, contributing to a healthier and more socially connected food system both locally and globally.

Openfarm also includes a year-round urban gardening experiment in the Dome of Visions, where Openlab will grow a “kitchen garden” that is typical for the Nordic region. Food grown here will be used for workshops and events planned within the Openfarm project, in collaboration with Open Café and other partners. The gardening space inside the dome is similar to the environment of a non-heated, glass-covered balcony in Stockholm. Here, visitors to the “Openfarm garden” can get inspired to try urban gardening themselves in the spaces they have access to at home, and not just during the summer months.The workshops and events are open to the public and invitations are posted on Openfarm urban garden is also open to the public and can be visited during Dome of Visions opening hours, Monday – Sunday 10am – 6pm.

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