Since February Openlab has been establishing a whole new work scene in Stockholm. We’ve created an environment which is not just a workplace, but also a network providing opportunities to find new assignments and build your future for a more sustainable society. The old Rektorshuset building at KTH has been repurposed into an activity-based open lab. On the ground floor you’ll find Makelab where you can work on prototypes or book a studio for your project. The conference section on the first floor has conference rooms and a multipurpose room for 80 people, and our co-working café operated by Lux-restauranger is a great place to hang out and eat lunch. On the second floor you’ll find flexible work spaces designed to make your day more joyful and productive in an atmosphere that will stimulate your senses based on your needs. Those working here today come from diverse backgrounds and are driven by a common desire for a more sustainable, smarter and user-friendly global world. Are you curious to learn more about what it takes to be part of this? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Ring Geert at +46 (0)8 790 8717 or email us: mail@openlab.se