Spring Term 2013

Spring Term 2013

The first OpenLab course addressed elderly care of the future and how to provide modern healthcare services in this area. The course projects are always based on clearly defined and topical issues.

“Keep Living at Home”

The assignment from Äldreförvaltningen (Elderly Care Administration), City of Stockholm: Can we provide support and adapt homes so that more elderly individuals can remain in their own homes – something that most people desire? Important issues to address in this assignment:

  1. How can we develop a system that rewards and encourages taking responsibility and a willingness among citizens to take their own initiatives.
  2. What tools can be recommended or developed, while balancing benefits and costs?
  3. What will various options cost overall and based on an ageing population?

“Finding the Right Place for Medical Care”

The assignment from Stockholm County Council Healthcare Administration: Why are so many people sitting in the long queues at the A&E when there are much easier option for receiving good medical care? Important issues to address:

  1. How can we develop systems that reward people who, in various scenarios, make a choice and then seek the right medical care in the right place?
  2. Which tools, services, innovations – technical, pedagogical or social – need to be developed so that medical care seekers will be able to choose and feel secure in their choice.
  3. What will be the total cost for the healthcare system with the various scenarios if the current trend is not broken? What might the value of an improvement be? What is a reasonable cost for improvement from an overall perspective?

Vi söker efter en administratör som trivs i kreativa miljöer. Du kommer sköta vissa administrativa uppgifter som exempelvis inköpsrutiner, studentadministration…

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