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Call for applications – grant for further development of student projects


(Application is closed)

Openlab in collaboration with CIVIS are now introducing a new grant for further development of projects and concepts created within Openlab’s master’s course.

Students and teams who graduated the course during the autumn semester of 2017 or later are welcome to apply with their projects. The selected projects will receive 1 000 – 5 000 Euro to cover costs associated with further development, testing, implementation and commuication.

Openlab creates conditions for societal innovation and solutions to complex societal challenges in the Stockholm region through collaboration and user-centered design methodology. The master’s course Challenges for the growing city / Innovations for societal challenges is given by four universities in collaboration, where the students learn design thinking to propose solutions to a challenge from the City of Stockholm or the Stockholm Region.

The CIVIS network, where Openlab is a part, works with collaboration between universities in Europe based on education, research, innovation and civic engagement. 

Through this grant opportunity, Openlab and CIVIS want to create possibilities for students to further develop and implement the proposals developed in the course, in dialouge with the public sector clients, with the aim of creating societal impact.

The application is open to students/student groups who have completed Openlab’s master’s course during or after the autumn term 2017, or is currently a student in the course.

At least one of the group members must have been registered as a student at Stockholm University during the master’s course. This requirement is due to CIVIS’ (financiers of the grant) connection to Stockholm University.

The application must apply to a project that has been developed within Openlab’s master’s course.

The project needs to be related to one or several of CIVIS five overarching themes:

  1. Climate, Environment, Energy,
  2. Health,
  3. Society, Culture, Heritage,
  4. Digital and Technological Transformations,
  5. Cities, Territories, Mobilities.

The projects should also relate to one of two objectives:

  1. To collaborate with local stakeholders for prototyping solutions that contribute to and respond to local needs.
  2. To enable project growth and its capacity to give rise to larger projects with more ambitious goals.

Applicants can apply for € 1 000 – 5 000 for eligible costs related to the continuation of the master’s course project. The total budget for the call is up to € 10 000.

Eligible costs include:

  • Costs for compliance testing, certification, or possible homologation,
  • Communication expenses,
  • Software,
  • External services,
  • Consumables,
  • Local transport fees,
  • Low-cost equipment purchase or rental,
  • Internet and telecommunications,
  • Conference registrations.

The grant will be paid in arrears to cover expenses, after submitting receipts or invoices to CIVIS at Stockholm university or Openlab, using CIVIS templates. Note that the grant does not entail a cash payment nor does it cover compensation for work hours in the project, according to CIVIS regulations.

Grant recipients will also be offered meetings/coaching sessions with Openlab representatives.


April 15th, 2021: Application opens
May 18th, 2021: Deadline for application (extended application period)
May 20th, 2021: Announcement of grant recipients

November 2021: Project status reporting
June 2022: Final deadline for project completion

Selection process
A jury selects projects according to the specified criteria.

The jury will be comprised of: The Openlab director, teachers from Openlab’s master’s course, representatives from the challenge-giving organizations, the Innovation Office at Stockholm University (Drivhuset), and the CIVIS representative at Stockholm University. The decision of the jury can not be appealed.

Project status report
The selected projects will present their status in a written report and a webinar. The status report will include a follow-up of the criteria according to the application and information about the next planned next steps.


  • The full names, affiliations, and contact information of the Project Main Applicant and all participating work team members, plus a contact person at the challenge giver’s organization. The applying students can come from any of the four Openlab universities. One of the applicants must have been registered through Stockholm University.
  • A letter of recommendation from the challenge giver.
  • A budget describing how the grant will be used (see criteria for eligible costs).
  • Relevant CIVIS theme(s) for the project.
  • A preliminary project plan, including a time plan  (minimum 500 and maximum 1000 words).
  • A description of the next steps.

Submit your application documents via email to ivar.bjorkman@openlab.se.
The application period has been extended and is open until May 18th 2021.

The call is developed within the framework of CIVIS – European Civic University Alliance, a European University Alliance which Stockholm University is part of together with seven other universities in Europe. One mission of CIVIS is to build open labs in order to share knowledge, experience, commitment, and intellectual stimulation with local societies, and to strengthen the ways in which the university and the surrounding community cooperate. In this, Stockholm University closely collaborates with Openlab Stockholm.