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Inspiring the Youth of Husby

Challenge: Creating a “job vacancy ad platform” in an online format
Challenge giver: Jobbtorg Kista
Solution: The Language Bridge
Concept: An interactive language exchange program encouraging integration between unemployed and seniors
Challenge area: Education, ageing population

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Future Me is an innovation project centered around Reactor, a  leisure  and  youth center  for  young  people  aged  16 – 20  located  in  Husby,  Stockholm.  Reactor,  as  a challenge  giver,  presented  several  challenges  that  they  were  experiencing  and  were open to the team addressing one or more of these problems. The core of the challenges was  that  youths  in  Husby  have  limited  options  for  their  future  employment  due  to  a narrow  scope  of  opportunities  they  are  experiencing  around  them,  both  in  the  local community and in society.

The  final  problem  definition  is: How  can  we inspire  youths  in  Husby  to  explore  career opportunities  to  widen  their  perspectives?  We  created  a  persona  which  summarizes needs and insights around youths in Husby, aged 15 – 18.

Through   the   Design   Thinking   process   emerged   7   concepts.   After   taking   into consideration relevant features from all of the concepts, evaluations offered from fellow students and feedback that was shared by the challenge giver, the team chose to refine, test and further develop the concept Future Me.

Future Me is a digital solution that inspires young people to explore careers and broaden their perspectives of possible career paths.

Project report

A project by: Ojie Tambe, Johanna Palm, Olof Hägglund, Adam Al-Naami, Ulla-Karin Nurm, Frances Eriksson, Tatevik Davitavyan, Despoina Tsalavouti