The Multi-purpose Hall

Room settings:
– 70/100 seats with cinema seating.
– 80 seats in groups seating with up to 10 round tables.
– 88 sqm.
– Ceiling projector, wall speakers, 3 head & 2 hand microphones.
– High speed Wifi internet connection.
– 2 whiteboards & workshop material.
– Additional whiteboards, LEGO Serious Play are available upon request.
– External furnitures rental is also possible via Westmans service upon request.

Room rental prices:
– Week days: 1500 kr / hrs (min. 3 hrs booking required).
– Weekends: 1800 kr / hrs (min. 4 hrs booking required).
– Half day discount (from 4 hrs): -900 kr.
– Full day discount (from 8 hrs): -2000 kr.
– 20% discount for our partners & members.
– For weekends, evenings or exceptional bookings hours of our Multi-purpose Hall or the entire Conference Center, please contact us.
– Conference Center & Catering Menu price list
For more information, contact: conference.center@openlab.se.
Catering service details:
We collaborates with Open Café, a KRAV certified organic food café that works with food waste. Their lunches menu changes every day depending on the food waste delivery which makes their catering service a unique & sustainable experience.
– Catering is usually set in the hall way and guests can eat in the room.
– Orders must me placed maximum 3 working days prior events.
– Weekend Catering packages are available for a minimum of 40 people from 300kr per person.
For more information, contact emma@opencafe.se.

Video recording service option:
We collaborates with Flowpix video production for our Conference Center’s customers. Flowpix is one of Openlab’s member, they have set their TV studio here at Openlab and together we are a strong team that can help you with your events.
Price list & video production packages options.
– Video recording service has to be booked at least 10 days prior events.
For more information, contact daniel.persson@flowpix.se.

Terms & Conditions (EngSwe)