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Valhallavägen 79
114 28 Stockholm

Guided tours, first Tuesday of each month, 12.00

 Tekniska Högskolan    Östra station

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KTH SE-100 44

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KTH Fakturaservice
Box 24075
104 50 Stockholm

For payment reference and invoicing information, contact administrator Karla Gomez.

The openlab team

Ivar Björkman

Executive Director

Sara Araya

Innovation manager

Ida Niskanen

Communications Manager & Platform Coordinator

Rebecka Witten-Leo

Mood Manager

Annika Norén

Innovation manager / Training Center

Sofie Pandis Iveroth

Project coordinator & project manager

Margaret Hertz

Innovation Manager

Hans Krylander

Conference Hosting, Sales & Marketing

Suzanne Duffour

Conference Center Coordinator & Design Thinking Visualization

Johan Lindal

Research Assistant, Mistra Urban Futures Stockholm Node (SNOD)

Maria Rogg

Innovation manager

Karla Gomez


Johan Schuber

Project Manager, Frontrunners for Sustainable Innovation

Elise Johanson

Communication, Matlaboratoriet

Per Styregård

Food Workshop Manager

Magdalena Holdar

Master's Course Coach - SU

Martin Jonsson

Master's Course Coach (SH)

Sofia Vikström

Master's Course Coach (KI)

Liv Gingnell

Master's Course Director (KTH)

Emma Townsley

Open Café