Innovation support

Openlab supports the development of new work methods, innovative thinking and collaboration among our partners and other actors. We guide the process of formulating needs, reframing challenges and shaping solutions that benefit society and drive sustainability.

From single workshops to map organisational or user needs and stakeholders to longer processes for innovation procurement and innovation projects – we follow a challenge driven human centered approach that helps you reach your goals and develop on point solutions.

We also attach great importance to your internal learning as a factor for long-term organizational development and social impact.

Our innovation support offers include:

• Workshop facilitation
• Creative market dialogue for public procurement
• Space for co-creation and collaboration

The support is offered to our main partners and related actors.

Our facilities

Openlab på KTH campus i Stockholm

Openlab at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

En grupp håller ett kreativt möte vid en whiteboard

Open spaces for workshops and co-creation

Köket i Openlabs lokaler

Openlab’s kitchen is shared with our master’s and PhD students and staff.

Skärmar och whiteboards för digitalt och fysiskt samskapande i Openlab Stockholms lokaler.

Whiteboards and screens for on-site or digital collaboration

Lokaler i Stockholms för workshops, kreativa möten och innovation

Co-creation spaces for creative workshops

Mötesrum i Stockholm med skärm och blå ineriör.

Several private meeting rooms

Loungeyta i Openlab Stockholms lokaler med pignisbord, soffor.

Access to ping pong table and lounge area