Making Commuting in Stockholm more Lovable


Our final concept is an effort to redistribute Stockholm commuters and enable them to travel in a more sustainable and flexible manner. The concept has developed from the challenge we were given from the traffic administration at Stockholm County Council, which was “How can we create a more sustainable, safe – and lovable city by improving the transport system for commuters? Tomorrow, and in ten years’ time”. More people need to travel with public transport if Stockholm is to grow in a sustainable way. At the same time, the public transport system is at its full capacity during weekday rush hours. The challenge connects to the limited space of the urban environment, and how to utilize it in the best way.

To address the issue of space, we empathized with urban commuters, both using the public transport as well as others using a car or a bike or walking. From these interviews and surveys, we formulated our point of view which is the following; A urban dweller who is currently using the Metro needs to have the choice to easily opt for safe cycling as part of a flexible morning rush hour commute, because the Metro is too crowded, and the roads feel unsafe as they are congested. With the Point of View and the issue of limited space in the back of our minds, we ideated and came up with the concept of redistributing some of the commuters into a bike sharing system that will be linked with the existing public transport system. A robust and well-developed bike sharing system linked to the public transport system would make it simple to choose other ways of sustainable transports within the Stockholm region, a region that is growing with approx. 35,000 persons every year. To encourage people and to make this bike sharing system truly game changing, we have put together a reward system that is viable during rush hours when the public transport is at its peak capacity. We proudly present to you; Cykelbanan+.

Keywords: Public transport, Commuting, Sustainability, Space, Cycling