Design Thinking workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Openlab offers challenge driven Design Thinking workshops. We take on challenges in line with our mission: “enabling societal innovations to improve the quality of life in the Stockholm region”. We believe that working in a creative and user centered manner is key to finding relevant and radical solutions. The workshop participants are often from the “challenge givers” organization and their users. People within research, students, and from our partners in the public sector also join the workshops – something unique to Openlab. The workshops are lead by Design Thinking coaches from our great workshop coach team, with facilitation help from our coach assistant team and coordination by Openlab’s project coordinator.

Openlab also offers hackathons, planned in a similar manner with a societal challenge, transdiciplinary teams and a Design Thinking core, but with more time for the teams to develop solutions.

Contact our project coordinator Susanne Ringström for more information or send us a message in the form below

Examples of previous challenge givers:

  • Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm
  • Norrmalms stadsdelsförvalting
  • Bromma stadsdelsförvaltning
  • Stockholm Business Region Development
  • Sveriges Radio
  • Utrikesdepartemetet
  • Post- och telestyrelsen

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