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Childish Solutions

– The Eva Resource

Challenge: How might we increase the number of preschool teachers in Enskede-Årsta-Vantö?
Challenge Giver: Eskede-Årsta-Vantör district administration
Solution: The EVA resource
Concept: Space for preschool teachers to develop their pedagogical skills and share. pedagogical ideas
Challenge Area: Education

Childish Solutions, the Eva Resource

The preschool is the first school that a child attends. It is the first and most important milestone in evolution, educational and psychomotor performance of each individual. It is therefore a societal challenge that preschools, in general and in Stockholm in particular, have difficulties recruting preschool teachers. Childish Solutions’ objective has been to adress this challenge. The team has undergone a Design Thinking process to come up with new solutions to facilitate the recruting of preschool teachers. The pre-school teachers’ role within the work setting and the emphasis on the pedagogical work seem to be prerequisites for being an attractive employer. The final concept is a space for preschool teachers to develop their pedagogical skills and share pedagogical ideas. This makes the challenge-givers a better employer for all preschool teachers that are interested in pedagogical development and facilitate the recruitment of preschool teachers.

Childish Solutions, the Eva Resource2

Project report

A project by: Anna Börjesson, Jenny Furstenbach, Sinan Khalili, Niklas Oldelberg, Vasiliki Tsapi, Elisabet Jansson