Openlab’s Co-working Space one of the best in Stockholm

What makes a great office? Well, here at Openlab’s co-working space we’re doing something right! The Hub has recently listed us as one of the top 15 spaces in Stockholm with the motivation “an ideal place for startups with a DIY attitude”. See the full list here.

Keywords for the office has always been collaboration, openness, creative meeting place, co-creation, innovative thinking, societal challenges, transparency, flexibility, design thinking methodology, prototyping and impact.

Are you looking for a new space this fall? New co-workers to share ideas, and fika, with? New ways to make an impact on the Stockholm region?

Right now we have the capacity to welcome new members to our co-working space, and we wish to involve more companies and people in our mission to make the Stockholm region a global center for societal innovations. 

Also, after the summer a new exiting restaurant concept will open at Openlab. Welcome!