Develop Your City – ideation platform

Think solutions!

Develop Your City collects ideas and suggestions from the community in order to find the smartest ways to solve different societal challenges. It is created as a tool to embrace the creativity and innovation among people in our societies and invite you as an organisation or municipality to listen to the ideas of your users or citizens in an open and transparent way.

The innovation platform Develop Your City (Utveckla Din Stad) on desktop and mobile.

The platform is solution-oriented, where ideas and innovation are at the center. It is based on open innovation and the thought that cooperation and co-creation are important ingredients for creating truly sustainable solutions. You can like, share and comment ideas, but also build on them by suggesting improvements and new features. The ideas on the platform can be realized by the challenge giver, or be inspiration for initiatives by other users on the platform wanting to solve the same problem.

Openlab often uses at our own workshops and assignments. The platform can be useful in Design Thinking processes which we often use for our innovation processes. Develop Your City is particularly well suited for the ideation and testing phases, when you want to visualize and test to get feedback on the ideas and prototypes from others. It is also a tool for documenting the process and enabling more people to interact with the challenge or ideas, during and after the workshop. Through timelines and prototyping phases, the entire process can be visualized, from the earliest ideas to the final implementation.

Stockholm against a colourful sky.

Examples of challenges at are about the renovation of a park, waste transportation in car-free cities, reducing household food waste, or the management of employees’ ideas within the municipality.

Anyone can join!

To register, add ideas and comment is free and easy, all you need is a user name and an email address.

Contact us if you want to use Develop You City in your project to  generate solutions to a challenge! For larger projects or more complex challenges, Openlab offers process support where we help you to define the challenge, who to involve in the ideation and how to take the ideas further. Develop Your City can also be customized to suit the needs of your organization or company. Get in touch to discuss how the platform can create added value for you.