Happy end and new beginnings in stroke rehabilitation project

Co-design collaboration results in refined prototypes and tears of joy.

Last Thursday we conducted the last of five equally joyful and challenging workshops commissioned by a research team from Karolinska Institutet in which patients, relatives and interdisciplinary health care professionals co-designed patient-friendly solutions for a more person-centered stroke rehabilitation. 

The goal of the workshop was to sharpen earlier concepts and gain new insights. With great support of gamification expert Gunnar Söderberg we deep-dived into role play as an excellent method to build trust, empathy, insight and improved prototypes. “As you always depart from something more or less imaginary, participants loose their fear to fail. The decision to work with role play was a huge success. Everyone went home full of joy”, says Marie Rogg who managed and facilitated the project. 

Curious about what happens next? 
The solutions developed will be presented to the leadership of each health care institution involved. From there, the next iteration and further research will start.  

Keep an eye on our channels for upcoming posts and follow up events in the project.