Project Delivery – Openlab’s Master’s Course

Project Delivery & Prototype Exhibition
– Master’s Course student project presentations

It is time for Openlab’s students to present their their innovations at the project delivery of the Master’s Course called Challenges for Emerging Cities.

At the Project Delivery the students present their challenge, process and final concept and finish with an exhibition displaying their prototypes and other materials.

The challenges this semester’s two interdisciplinary student teams have created solutions to are:
– How can the procedure for preparing the anaesthetic cart at Södersjukhuset be made more efficient (challenge from Södersjukhuset (SöS) & Stockholm County Council (SLL))
– How can the meal experience for the senors at Stureby nursing home be improved, and made more equal (challenge from Stureby reality lab & the City of Stockholm)

Links to the challenges at Openlab’s ideation and innovation platform / :
Anesthesia cart challenge:
Improving the mealtime experience for elderly:

About Openlab’s master’s course, Challenges for Emerging Cities
At this advanced level course, students from our four partner universities learn hands on methods for solving societal challenges from the public sector in the Stockholm region. Using Design Thinking and Scrum the students develop innovative products and services that benefit society, and present them at the concept delivery (half time presentation) and project delivery (final presentation).

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