Redefined Master’s Course Challenges


Today we had the privilege of listening to our master’s course students inspiring halftime concept presentations. For the presentation each group had redefined the initial challenge and come up with five solution oriented concepts each. The challenge-givers were impressed by the variety of concepts that were demonstrating a deep understanding for the complexity of the challenge as well as great empathy for the users needs.

The redefined challenges for Openabs Master’s Course Autumn 2022 are:

Challenge 01
Team: Them Goldies
How can we motivate inactive but not highly care-dependent senior citizens to participate actively in society by increasing their sense of purpose and belonging and improving their mobility.

Challenge 02
Team: The Fireflies
How can we understand young people’s well-being by providing empowering and open spaces.

Challenge 03
Team: X-Crayze
How might we create a comforting environment which prepares patients for the exam by providing them information making the experience convenient for both them and the nurses.