Bridging the Gap

Challenge: To enable successful communication and cooperation between municipality and grassroots movements in Stockholm
Challenge giver: City of Stockholm
Solution: Foundation and Working Groups for Social Development
Concept: An individual funding mechanism for grassroots movements and involvement of these individuals into working groups
Challenge area: Sustainable urban development


This report outlines the development of our project which, by using a design thinking process, has sought to resolve some of the barriers Stockholms Stad faces with regard to their ability to successfully communicate and cooperate with grassroots movements in Stockholm. In September of 2015 we as a multidisciplinary team received the challenge from Stockholms Stad to “Propose strategies and measures to involve and better cooperate with new social grassroots movements in the development of the city of Stockholm”. The final concept is a foundation and working groups for social development which meets several of the identified user needs – namely ownership, recognition, independence as well as the need for tools and resources

Project presentation video

A project by: Deepika Dipesh Dugar, Ida Niskanen, Kristina van der Mey, Maria Telenius, Peng Wu and Savas Caliskan