Citizen reachout

– a municipality’s wish to work toward digital inclusion

Challenge:  How might we reach clients through digital tools in the district Hässelby-Vällingby?
Challenge Giver: The Work and Welfare Office of Hässelby-Vällingby, Stockholm Stad
Redefined challenge: How might Hässelby-Vällingby create an inspiring and motivational environment for refugee women in the district that empowers a mutual learning and growth process (to become independent)?
Solution: Community Hub
Concept: An inspirational community center, where women with immigrant background (40+) can learn and experience the importance of immigration through access to both help and motivational activities enabled by services targeted to their needs. They have the opportunity to develop their language skills and learn how to use digital devices in order to meet the needs that are required for successfully and independently manage the financial aid application process and simultaneously become self-confident in the long-run.
Team: Openlab Champs
Lars Klapper, Kimanzu Ngolia, Ina Obernosterer, Adrienne Beck-Friis

Logo for the citizen reachout project.


Hässelby-Vällingby district fears an exclusion of some of their residents, in the transition of digitalisation of the Social Services. Explicitly the UN refugee immigrants living in their district, due to digital illiteracy and Swedish language difficulties. The project focused on finding solutions for a target group in the financial aid support system, women 40+ requiring extra support. The project team provided four solutions; Matchmaking, Buddy-system, Community Hub and Simple Webpage. A Community Hub with the offering of Matchmaking was the solution chosen by the challenge giver. Hässelby-Vällingby district is currently using a project called the Neighborhood Moms to provide support which has been fruitful with high efficiency in helping the target group but more can be done. Therefore, why not build on a project that was already working well? Hence, the project team developed a booklet, on how to implement a well functioning Community Hub led by the Neighborhood Moms.

Project handbook


Project presentation video

A project by: Lars Klapper, Kimanzu Ngolia, Ina Obernosterer, Adrienne Beck-Friis