Culturama – The Golden Ticket

How can we ensure children’s right to culture in Stockholm County?
Challenge Giver: City of Stockholm
Solution: The Golden Ticket
Concept: Provide children with access to culture while avoiding teachers and schools expending time and energy on budget and administrative tasks.
Challenge Area: Education


An Openlab project, a collaboration between four universities in Stockholm and the Municipality of Stockholm, submitted the challenge of giving democratic access of culture to youth. In Stockholm, the access is delivered through the schools. The Openlab group, named Culturama, interviewed teachers, students, parents, principals, performers, and the Cultural Administration of the city of Stockholm (Kulturförvaltning, our challenge giver).

We found that currently there is a complicated system that creates many barriers for students to access culture and students have little to no opportunities to actively participate in making choices about cultural activities. These barriers impacted the teachers as the gatekeepers, which we focused on to gather most of our information. The Golden ticket solution evolved from several interviews and tested prototypes to become a tool for students to have direct access to culture and greater opportunities to make active choices as spectators of culture.


The Golden ticket is a tool that provides children access to culture. Kulturförvaltning funds these tickets and pays for the performances directly, so the teachers and schools can avoid expending time and energy on administrative tasks and juggling their budgets. Tickets will be supplied to all schools in a package with user guides and students can use the tickets to see available performances.

Project presentation video

A project by: Mona Abbaspour, Jonas Masure, Shreyas Pandit, Suna Senman, Chandramouli Suryanarayanan