Homies – Mindtrip

– MindTrip, Making Nursing Homes More Like Homes

Challenge: How can we make nursing homes more like homes and less like institutions?
Challenge Giver: City of Stockholm
Solution: MindTrip
Concept: Bonding between responsible staff, care users and their relative through participatory storytelling of the personal history of an elderly person.
Challenge Area: Ageing population

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The aim of this paper is to present outcomes of our almost four months of working on challenge within the Open Lab in Stockholm, Sweden. Our challenge was “How can we make nursing homes more like homes and less like institutions?”. In our paper we will shortly present our working method – namely design thinking. Then we will move to our research that we conducted in several nursing homes, highlighting our key insights like: diversity of the care recipients living in the nursing homes (hence need to create flexible and diverse solution for nursing homes), different communication problems affecting nursing home environment as well as strict workday routine which affects negatively creativity of people working in them. In the final part of our paper we will present our thoughts and concepts on improving nursing homes and meeting the goals of our challenge. We will present three different concepts, addressing different problems we approached during our research, finally moving to presentation of our final concept. MindTrip will be discussed in detail, highlighting possible prototype and implementation of this concept in real life. The closing chapter of this paper will introduce some further thoughts on development of our project after the course ends.

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Project presentation video

A project by: Dimitri Ivanov, Erika Andersson, Karima TiceMarcin Skupinski, Ylva Bengtén