Jobbtorg – Språkbron

Challenge: Creating a job vacancy ad platform in an online format for professionals and clients.
Challenge giver: Jobbtorg Kista
Redefined challenge: Help Jobbtorg to assist aspirants in becoming self sufficient, in a more efficient maner.
Solution: The Language Bridge (Språkbron)
Concept: An interactive language exchange program encouraging integration between unemployed and seniors.

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This report covers team Trans(in)formers’ project for Jobbtorg Kista. From the initial challenge presentation, through the different stages of the Design Thinking process – Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test – to choosing a concept and producing the final refined idea. The different sections of the report are in chronological order, describing what we did, what we learnt, and how we implemented those learnings.

Jobbtorg Kista help long term unemployed people in Stockholm to improve skills and find work. Team Trans(in)formers’ task was to investigate the context of the initial challenge and find solutions to problems that we discovered from our own field research. Based on our insights we created ideas for possible solutions to problems, we prototyped and tested them, then presented them to others to get further feedback and finally we refined our ideas into a final concept.

The Jobbtorg user that we focused on was a composite profile of an “extreme user”, i.e. an
aspirant who frequently returns to Jobbtorg after failing to gain successful employment. By
understanding the needs of this user we have developed a final concept that links aspirants
with Swedish seniors with similar needs and interests, creating mutual benefit that encourages both social integration and combats issues of isolation and inactivity in both those groups. It is basically a language exchange programme.

Project presentation video

A project by: Madeleine Almqvist, Sienna Bankler-Jukes, Joe Haynes, Nicolas Scalbert, Andreea Toca