L(a)unch with us

How can we, through clusters, create a cooperation among companies within Larsboda – so that businesses can grow and find new partners, generating more job opportunities in the Farsta area.
Challenge Giver: Farsta Business Association and Farsta District Administration
Solution: L(a)unch with us
Concept: The concept L(a)unch with us is a lunch event that will be hosted each month by different companies and/or organizations within the Larsboda and Telestaden area. The main purpose of the lunch concept is to create an informal and recurring platform for networking, collaboration and to increase awareness of existing activities in the area.
Challenge Area: Sustainable urban development – Business development

Images of video prototype of the concept L(a)unch with us


The report details the challenge given on cluster building in Larsboda from Farsta District Administration and Farsta business association. The problem was mainly defined as a cluster development challenge but was by the working team later re-defined to focus on activating collaboration between existing business and organizations in Larsboda and Telestaden area in order to attract new actors to the area. In this report, the reader will be presented with the development of ideas through the Design Thinking process – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test – and the process until the final concept. The final concept L(a)unch with us, which is a monthly lunch concept, was chosen as an effort towards building a strong community among actors residing in Larsboda and Telestaden to strengthen and vitalize the current relationships among the businesses and organizations, and create a natural meeting place to invite new actors to the area.

Project presentation video

A project by: Belenn Rebecka Bekele, Emmanuel K. Kokumo, Kseniia Z lygosteva, Mikaego Dingalo, Sara Hedman