Min[d]ing the Gap

Social entrepreneurship meets Region Stockholm 

Challenge: Establishing collaborations between social entrepreneurs and the public sector.
Challenge Giver: Region Stockholm and Mötesplats Social Innovation.
Solution: One-Way In
Concept:  A physical space located at one of Region Stockholm’s facilities, with the aim to have a setup with a more long-term thinking strategy and approach to bridge the gap between Region Stockholm and social entrepreneurs.
Challenge Area: Social entrepreneurship

This report is the result of a design thinking approach to improve collaboration between Region Stockholm and social entrepreneurs. Using the double-diamond method, this report underwent two phases of iterative design to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. The first phase consisted of several in-depth interviews with stakeholders to understand the relationship between Region Stockholm and social entrepreneurs. This information was then consolidated into personas to define what challenges and insights existed. 

The next step was to ideate potential solutions that were reduced to a few prototypes for testing. The research showed that an approachable, multifunctional space (both physical and digital) for Region Stockholm and social entrepreneurs was missing. The second phase of the double-diamond method reiterated the design thinking process. These steps allowed for the development of the proposed ‘One-Way In’ solution to address the missing space for collaboration between Region Stockholm and social entrepreneurs. 

Project presentation video

A project by: Carolina Weigl, Dunja Stevanovic, Enrique Mejia, Ian Mwamunga, Malin Magnfält, Marcelina Kadziela, Thomas Berger