Revitalising interaction with the elderly of Östermalm

A concept proposal to prevent involuntary loneliness in Östermalm

Challenge from: Östermalms Stadsdelsförvaltning (the City District Department of Östermalm), Stockholms stad
Original challenge:
• How can we reach elderly people who are involuntarily lonely with our preventive activities?
• How can we develop our activities to reach and attract elderly who are involuntarily lonely and who today have no contact with the preventive activities nor are active in associations, religious communities or similar social contexts?
Redefined challenge: How can we achieve a more age-friendly society by raising the awareness about existing support communities, and by removing barriers that prevent people from joining them?
Solution: Rio Mobile & Membership Programme 
Concept: To fit the target audience we designed a multifaceted, down to earth, analog pair of concepts. Firstly, the membership programme introduced a set of incentives encouraging visiting and partaking in activities at the centres; a membership card and an informative Brochure, delivered a stylized gift box. Secondly, Rio Mobile offered a method to bring the centres outside their current buildings through a converted truck that will raise awareness and interest wherever it goes.
Team: Rio-Vival
Clara Alm, Isha Bhansali, Matthew Bridger. Olivia Lundmark, Peter Metel, Moa Ribjer

Report abstract

For this project we were issued the challenge of how to reach the involuntary lonely elderly of Östermalm and explore ways in which the activity centres for the elderly could attract these individuals. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and staff shadowing we discovered that there was a lack of awareness that these centres existed, as well as a mental barrier that made it difficult for the involuntary lonely to seek help. After our initial pitch of six possible concepts, several were taken to be immediately implemented into the centres. We decided to further develop ideas on ways to bring people to the centres, resulting in an information box and membership program; and also how to bring the centres to the involuntary lonely, resulting in a converted truck to act as a mobile activity centre. This final concept we suggest be tested via the Östermalm Sommargågator project.

Project presentation video

A project by: Clara Alm, Isha Bhansali, Matthew Bridger, Olivia Lundmark, Peter Metel, Moa Ribjer