Safe Landning

“We are coming in for landing” – a safe first and last mile with SafeLanding
Improving the feeling of safety for women to and from public transportation

Challenge from: Trafikförvaltningen (the Traffic authority), Region Stockholm
Challenge: How might we increase the feeling of safety for people to and from stations within the public transport system?
Redefined challenge: How might we improve the feeling of safety for women to and from public transportation during “unsafe” hours?”
Solution: SafeLanding App
Concept: A digital solution consisting of 3 Main Safety functions integrated into SL’s app. See prototype
Team: Safe Landing
Adam Elinder, Aikaterini Tsioutsia, Annie Kjellberg, (Lamin K Darboe), (Rebecca Redtzer), Sandra Bruzaite

Report abstract

This project report summarises the conclusions of the group Safe Landing, which has been produced during the OpenLab-course “Challenges for emerging cities” during the spring of 2022. The problem which needed to be solved revolved around how to make commuters feel more safe when using, and moving to and from the public transportation system, ‘Storstockholms Lokaltrafik’ (SL). The challenge-giver was ‘Region Stockholm’ and ‘Trafikförvaltningen’, which is responsible for the public transportation system in Stockholm county under the operating brand SL.
Through both qualitative and quantitative investigations the group could positively state that a number of factors recurred in the data. The recurring data primarily highlighted how people tend to feel safer when there are more people in movement in the collective. transportation system.
In the end, the group favoured a solution that focused on a prototype that applies additional functions to the original mobile travel app when using the public transportation system. By implementing a series of additional features such as walking, mingling and rating the surroundings in the application, this investigation indicates that the feeling of safety would
likely increase. The proposed solution was prototyped and tested with the target audience both in terms of functionalities but also user experience. The feedback received from users was then used to iterate the initial prototype in order to arrive at the final solution of the project.

Project presentation video

A project by: Sandra Bruzaite, Aikaterini Tsioutsia, Lamin K Darboe, Adam Elinder, Annie Kjellberg