Zon 164

Challenge: To make better use of existing knowledge and to increase young boys’ participation at the local library in Kista
Challenge giver: Kista City District Library, City of Stockholm
Solution: The Reading Podcast (Läspodden) and the Arketyper exhibition
Concept: Encouraging reading through sound and visuals, while encouraging a sharing culture of reading experiences
Challenge area: Education

Zon 164 logo.


The aim with our project was to make use of the different knowledge that exists in Kista and to increase the participation at the library. We created concepts targeted to increase the participation of young boys, age 13 to 19. Through focus groups we have got insights about their needs, which has led to four different concepts. We chose to continue working with the concepts New ways of reading and The living room, which were merged together and further developed into the concept Zone 164. This is a new place at the library where the youths can feel welcomed as they are. In Zone 164 our innovation the reading pod is installed along with the exhibition archetypes. The reading pod and archetypes are designed solutions that meet the youths’ need of rolemoles, to have a place to be, to feel involved and to have fun with friends.

Project presentation video

A project by: Anna-Belle Ericsson, Sarah Eriksson, Andreas Rehn, Johanna Thuresson, Viktor Wennström, Michaela Woltter