This report describes the results from the course “Challenges for Emerging Cities” at Openlab. The challenge from Stockholms stad was to create a sustainable solution for “The Stationary Bike”.
All concepts were developed using the Design Thinking method, that empathize the user’s need. During the first iteration, the main need of Stockholmers seemed to be safe parking. However, after testing the prototypes, closeness to destination emerged as more important.
We decided to develop a free bike sharing concept called BikeMeSTHLM. Thanks to a successful cooperation with Cykelköket Solna we were able to test five bikes on the streets of Stockholm. The bikes are unlocked to make a spontaneous bike usage possible. Users are encouraged to post the location of the bikes on social media.
Due to the great public interest both in social media as well as in SVT and Stockholm Direkt, we have seen that there is great potential for such an idea. Furthermore, the community of Solna will continue with a BikeMeSolna project, which indicates the feasibility of the project. The work with BikeMeSTHLM has shown that it has potential to become a great, sustainable solution for Stockholm city.