Foto: Per KristiansenWe solve society’s challenges in a new radical way. The way we do it and how we define them are all important cornerstones for us. The proposals we generate are open, radical, smart, useable, concrete and innovative. We co-create together with students, researchers, experts, end users and staff in different types of organisations. As our name indicates, we’re an open lab in which unexpected meetings and interfaces are encouraged. At Openlab we aim to work according to our motto: “Everyone is a student,” and based on the principle of having the courage to Do first – Think – Do it again. For us it’s important to give the creative process plenty of scope to take advantage of new ways of solving society’s future challenges. We offer Master’s courses, professional education, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, bookable rooms, flexible work spaces and prototype studio Make, as well as our Open Café where, in cooperation with Lux restaurants, we have created a unique café concept to formulate and explore new ideas about the meaning of food in our challenge areas. Here on our website you can learn about what we do and how you can be a part of Openlab.

If you want to help solve society’s future challenges in a radical and innovative way, Openlab is the place for you. We believe that open innovation is the key for smarter solutions if you want to improve quality of urban life.

Ivar Björkman
Executive Director

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