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idea-thinking-150x150Are you interested in taking our Master’s course or checking out how our course projects play out? Check out how we work with Design Thinking workshops, our methods or read about our longer projects.
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Since February Openlab has been establishing a whole new work scene in Stockholm. We’ve created an environment which is not just a workplace, but also a network providing opportunities to find new assignments and build your future for a more sustainable society.
In addition to an open coworking space designed for collaboration and creativity, our members have access to our makerspace situated on the ground floor. All setup for 3D printing, prototyping and hands-on workshops.

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Screen-Shot-2015-11-21-at-00.31.51-150x150At the Open Café, you can try out a variety of multicultural inspired dishes, all prepared from organic produce, and served in a inspiring environment designed for discussions and creativity.
You can book a room for conferences, seminars or dinners. If you would like us to tailor something specifically for your organization or venture, we can do that too.
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Listen to Openlab’s podcast – MATLABORATORIET


We are proud to present MATLABORATORIET, Openlab's new podcast about food, science and society.

In this podcast series we will introduce you to a number of food related subjects and societal challenges. In the first episode you'll get new knowledge and insight about our most underrated sense.

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Welcome to Project Delivery, 01.06.2017

The students of our master’s course are getting ready for their final presentation. For one semester they have worked with real challenges, using a design thinking process, and have now arrived to a user centered solution to their challenges. Most welcome to the project delivery.

This semester’s challenges:
- How to make nursing homes for senior citizens more like homes and less like institutions?
- How to recruit more pre-school teachers to the city district of Årsta/Ensked/Vantör?
- How to improve the patient care process of the Orthopaedic ward
(from The City of Stockholm, Elderly care administration, Årsta/Enskede/Vantör City District Administration and Södersjukhuset, Orthopaedic ward, Unit 35E)

What: Project delivery of Openlab's master's course
When: June 1st , 9.00-12.00, (coffee from 8.30)
Where: Openlab, Valhallav. 79, Multi Purpose Hall

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Solve food challenges at

Connected to our newly launched podcast we open up for ideation on how to solve the challenges discussed in the episode. is the space for you to share creative ideas and clever innovations that might solve all or part of a societal challenge. Get inspired by the ideas of others, like, comment and co-create.

Why? Because socity's challenges are best solved through collaboration and dialogue, in open transparent processes and with open and creative minds.

For the first episode we explore the question on How smell and taste can be taken into account in future city planning? Listen to MATLABORATORIET and sink your teeth into the challenge at

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 19.12.23

To the smell and taste challenge

More challenges at Develop your city

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