We bring people together across disciplines and professions to find innovative solutions to societal challenges.


Openlab is a challenge-driven innovation community providing courses for professionals and master’s students, co-working space, innovation projects and a conference center. Together with our founding partners we are experts in transforming innovation for the public sector through design methods and digital innovation platforms.

Foto: Per Kristiansen

“We solve society’s challenges in a new radical way. The way we do it and how we define them are all important cornerstones for us. The proposals we generate are open, radical, smart, useable, concrete and innovative.”

Ivar Björkman, Executive Director at Openlab

Design methods for innovation

Only by working with user centered methods can we create truly sustainable solutions. We work with a wide range of methods, design thinking being the fundamental one. Design thinking is a method and a mindset that makes you reframe your challenges and understand your end user, placing them at the center of innovation. By bringing people from different fields and with different expertise together, we create the right conditions to come up with radical and innovative solutions to our region’s challenges. For Openlab, using design methods is key to create relevant solutions addressing societal issues for the growing city.

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Learn how to become a creative problem solver and boost your innovation skills. Regardless of your profession or field, design thinking can improve the way you approach your daily challenges. Openlab offers training for you who want to understand how to meet the needs of your target group, to become more innovative and expand your creative toolbox. – Everyone is a Student!


We work with real life challenges in order to create sustainable innovations for the benefit of society. The societal challenges we take on come from the Stockholm area, but they are often shared with many other areas in the world. By allowing the needs and experiences of real people guiding the processes, the solutions created through Openlab can make real difference in peoples lives. The main areas of the challenges are sustainable urban development, future healthcare, education and the ageing population.

Sustainable urban development
Ageing population

Our facilities

Founding partners

Seven partners in the Stockholm region came together for one common goal – to find new and innovative approaches to solving society’s challenges. Openlab was created with the vision of making Stockholm a global center for innovation. Our partners – The City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, the Stockholm County Administrative Board, KTH, Stockholm University, Södertörn University and the Karolinska Institute – are all represented in our steering committee and provide funding as well as topics and challenges for our students, members and community to address.

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