Welcome to our master’s students’ project presentations – January 11th 10:00

We are very happy to invite you to the final project presentations of Openlab’s master’s course!

Our creative students will present innovative and user centered solutions to three current societal challenges which they have developed during the past 20 weeks.

Come join us on the 11th of January at 10.00 – 12.00 at Openlab, Valhallavägen 79.

Challenges this semester

From Södermalm city district administration, City of Stockholm
– How might Södermalm city district meet the changing, evolving and increasing need of elderly care, with the participation of seniors?
From Stockholm County museum, Region Stockholm
– Can we produce a sign that is easy to read, will tell us if it’s damaged and is kind to the environment?
From Skarpnäck city district administration, City of Stockholm
– How can we change Skarpnäck’s square (Skarpnäcks torg) into a safe, inviting, accessible and welcoming space?

More about this semester’s challenges!

Learn from our students’ insights, get inspired by their solutions and find out more about our challenge driven master’s course.

Student presentations and project delivery in Openlab's master's course.

In our master’s course students from our four partner universities learn hands on methods for solving societal challenges provided by the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm. Using Design Thinking the students develop innovative products and services that benefit society.

Project reports and presentations will be available at: https://openlabsthlm.se/masterscourse/