Master’s course projects, autumn 2023

Openlab’s master’s students have presented the projects they have developed during the autumn semester of 2023 in our master’s course “Challenges for emerging cities”/”Innovations for societal challenges”.

The students come from our four partner universities, and the challenges they aim to solve with the use of design thinking are from The city of Stockholm and Region Stockholm.

The student projects of autumn 2023:


In the project “OpenLän” a team of students has been working with a challenge from Stockholms Läns Museum in Openlab’s master’s course. The original challenge from the museum was to make a plate or sign that is easy to read, will tell if it is damaged and is kind to the environment. The challenge was reframed into: How can the digital and physical presence of the history of the region of Stockholm be bridged to people through engaging channels?

Illustration for the project OpenLän and the solution AR-board.

The team’s solution is an AR-board that integrates augmented reality (AR) with a physical frame at heritage sites, offering an innovative and engaging analog experience while reflecting the digital nature of the Stockholm County Museum through AR content. “The AR Board is the combination of a digital universe and a physical counterpart. This solution corresponds to one of the main characteristics of the museum, namely its digital character. It is also an innovative access to the county’s rich heritage, and a lot of fun.”

Team: OpenLän
Emilia Karlsson, Faisa Dirir, Faezur Rahman Fahim, Hashim Udoddy Mbita, Ursula Nill, Luise Zagst

Read more about the project:

Hand in Hand Söder

The project aim to answer how Södermalm city district might meet the changing, evolving, and increasing need of elderly care. “How can we find out about the expectations of future seniors and their families to offer appreciated, spot on and sought after activities, service, support and care that contributes to an independent life for as long as possible?”

Projektet Hand in Hand Söder

The proposed solution, called Hand in Hand Söder, is a package of services to activate the community for the future seniors with the usage of an online platform and participatory budgeting.

Team: WeCare
Vanja Tramosljanin, Kamil Dabrowski, Zara Taha, Samuel Killagane Read more about the project:

Read more about the project:

Open Square

– Creating a public space that is open and welcoming for the whole community. Creating Skarpnäcks Torg with, not for people.

The project was based on a challenge from Skarpnäck’s city district administration about changing Skarpnäcks Torg into a safe, inviting, accessible and welcoming space?

Energize Skarpnäck - Creating a place with, not for, people!

“The community spirit in Skarpnäck stands out as a source of untapped potential for the area, thus the solution for Skarpnäck Torg has to use the Skarpnäck citizens as collaborators for improving the square.“

The student team suggest a concept that they call Energise Skarpnäck; a process, based on creation, a participatory culture and placemaking as method. A lively place, year round.

Team: Open square
Ammarah Shahzad, Rebecca Ericzén, Hanna Hjertqvist, Frida Wikström Rygaard, Levi Kamara Zwannah, Caroline Agné

The project reports, summary and filmed presentations from this and previous semesters are available on our website,

OPEN SQUARE, Skarpnäck –

Students in Openlab master's course durung autumn 2023, and their three student projects.